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Time is Running Out

Public comment period to fight FDA health freedom attack ends in early February.

The Food and Drug Administration’s attack on our health freedom is moving towards victory, as the window for public comment on the issue is set to close on February 9. A guidance database for “Toxicological Principles for the Safety Assessment of Food Ingredients” (and informally known as the Redbook), this document is set for its first major update since 2007, in which it may include nutritional supplements for the first time—a change that may hold disastrous consequences for anyone who takes supplements as part of their healthy lifestyle.

Defying DSHEA, Killing Innovation

The Redbook itself isn’t the problem. It serves an important function by ensuring the proper, safe usage of some suspect synthetic ingredients found abundantly in our food supply, including chemical preservatives as well as artificial sweeteners and colors. However, as the FDA attempts to classify natural nutrients among these synthetic additives, it seems to be twisting the Redbook’s original good intentions to serve its own nefarious, longstanding agenda: Destruction of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) that protects our health freedom.

One of the key tenets established by DSHEA in 1994 was that supplements should be regarded as foods, but were never to be treated as food additives. This is is what enables manufacturers to produce aff ordable supplements and to bring advanced new supplements to market quickly in response to emerging research. Should the FDA succeed in shoehorning nutritional supplements into the Redbook, it may pull out DSHEA’s key foundation cornerstone— which may cause the entire stronghold of health freedom in the US to crumble.

Disrespecting DSHEA is just the beginning: In public hearings, Attorney Marc Ullman of the New York-based law firm Ullman, Shapiro & Ullman also pointed out that inclusion of supplements in the Redbook may lead to new requirements for manufacturers to demonstrate “reasonable certainty” of supplements’ safety before being brought to market.

This onerous, astronomically expensive task, which blatantly contradicts DSHEA, would likely be too much for most supplement manufacturers to bear. As a result, innovation of advanced new dietary supplements would cease, and the American public may be denied the very nutritional therapies that could hold secrets to a healthier, more active life.

Please Act Today!

With its Redbook attack, the FDA defies the DSHEA legislation that was supported by 2.5 million letters from the American public.  The FDA’s stubborn “above the law” attitude in ignoring DSHEA reveals just how little respect the agency has for the millions of Americans who have voiced their desire to take nutritional supplements to support their health.

Thankfully, you can tell the FDA exactly how you feel about this—as long as you do so by February 9. Visit today and enter “FDA-2014-N-1497” in the search box. Click the blue “Comment Now!” box on the right to send a message to the FDA. Tell them that supplements are not the same as chemical preservatives and artificial sweeteners, and therefore do not belong in the Redbook! Your action today can help keep health-enhancing supplements accessible and aff ordable forever.

To fight the Redbook attack after February 9, please consider sending faxes to Senators Tom Harkin and Orrin Hatch, key defenders of DSHEA. Harkin may be faxed at 202-224-9369; Hatch at 202-224-6331. Let them know you appreciate their leadership in protecting health freedom, and ask them to continue fighting to keep supplements out of the Redbook. Finally, visit for ongoing updates on the Redbook attack. For the sake of health freedom, join the NHA today!

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